Artful Decadence

Bas Relief is a 2-D form of sculpture.  It can either be additive in which you begin with a background and add layers to it until you have finished your scene or it can be subtractive in which you begin with a background and carve pieces away until you have removed everything which does not belong in your scene.  In the following classes you will learn the additive style of bas relief.

If you have a specific scene which does not infringe on any existing copyright laws, please contact me for a custom designed class in which we will make your scene.

I will supply all pre-dried plaques and the gum paste and fondant pre-colored for the project as well as all equipment needed which is not listed in the supply lists for each class.

Mountain Majesty

This is a 2 hour class suitable for beginners.

Class cost $50.00

I will supply all tools and materials

You will learn the basics of bas relief and how to apply this technique to other projects you may have in mind.  Everyone will leave class with a finished plaque.

Dancing Faeries

8 hour class - plaque on the top of the cake only.

You will learn the ins and outs of working with miniture tools to create a very intricate scene and will leave the class with a finished plaque

Supply list:

set of tiny cutters for miniature flowers

leaf and/or flower cutters for wings

set of miniature modeling tools

X-acto knife

Cutting wheel

a stylus

needle-nosed pliers and/or tweezers

needle tool

Renaissance  Wedding

This is a 2 day class (16 hours of instruction in two 8 hour sessions)

Class Cost $300.00

In this class you will learn how to make a very complex bas relief scene working with miniature tools as well as larger pieces.  You will leave class with a finished plaque which you can place on a cake at home.

Supply List:

set of miniature modelling tools

set of miniature flower cutters

Needle tool

a stylus

Cutting wheel

X-Acto knife

petal and/or luster dusts you would like to use