Artful Decadence

Useful Information

For each class that is offered I have tried to set a duration that will allow students to complete the project.

Because everybody works at a different pace, some students may need to finish projects later at home while some may sit twiddling their thumbs for a bit.  I will make every effort to see that you get a sufficient amount of instructional time so you will be comfortable working independently. 

Each class comes with a complete set of written instructions that will make adding the finishing touches quite simple and the supplies that are provided by me for each class will go home with you to complete the project or for later use in another project.  If you paid the fee you get to keep what is left over - fair`s fair.

It the class is held at my house, it is sometimes possible to take extra time - after all I live there, where else am I gonna go?

Classes can be expanded or shortened to fit into your scheduling needs and your pocketbook.  The point of all this stuff is to show the techniques you want to learn, not to deplete you bank account.  Just let me know what you need.

Don`t see what you want???  Contact me - I offer classes in many techniques and will be happy to develop one specifically for your needs.

Class Pricing......  All the class fees on the specific pages are assuming that you will be in my house taking the class here.  If I am going to travel to our location and you have a group of people taking the class, your individual fee will be different than the price listed.

Classes held at my house or a local location - 

I have room for small classes in my house and am happy to accommodate as many students as possible.  The exact number will be different for each class depending on the amount of space and paraphernalia required.  I also have a guest room in which students who wish to travel to my location are welcome to stay.  Meals will be hot, of reasonable quality and contain nothing unpronounceable.  We will also have access to all my tools, which could cut down on the amount of supplies that you will need to bring.  


I have tried to list everything I have used in making a project so that you will be able to reproduce the results.  With that being said, some things can be substituted for other things.  A hatpin will work in the place of a needle tool, a vinyl placemat makes a fine rolling surface.  I am all for saving money when you can.  If you have a question about a substitution PLEASE ask me before the date of the class - especially if I am travelling to your location so that we have everything we will need to make the most of your time and efforts.