Artful Decadence

The first time I really remember doing something "arty" was when I was four or five years old.  It was one of those rainy cold Saturday mornings with nothing to do.  My Mother played records (yep.  I am that old) and we would draw the pictures in the music.  After that my parents signed me up for art lessons with a private tutor and I spent the next several year`s worth of Saturday mornings with her instead of outside playing.  Sometime around this same age I started baking, making some of the most unusual (ie awful) cakes and "goodies" ever produced, but my Father, God love him, just kept eating them and saying "Mmmmmm, that`s great Sweetie, keep going".

Later on I became an ardent seeker of artistic knowledge (read: total pest to anyone who would teach me anything).  After I was married, I found that I wanted lovely things, but also had a desire to eat.  One of the "lovely things" was an expensive pair of beaded earrings, the purchase of which would have indeed made a significant dent in available funds.  My Husband, Scott, bought me three small tubes of beads, a book and some thread and said "Make them yourself".  That was all it took.  I became an "art addict", stealing time from regular household chores to bead or sew in secret, hoping that no one would notice the layers of dust building up in my living room.

Not long after that, my best friend moved home from California.  We were complaining one day that we never got to do anything together because we were both too busy.  Her mother told us to take a class.  We both wanted to take cake decorating - my early attempts at birthday cakes for our daughter, Heather, were folk art at best; and Sonja just HAD to make morning glories.  That flower was not offered until the third series of Wilton classs so we had to take courses one and two first.  Well, in for penny, in for a pound - we took all the classes and both ended up teaching for Wilton for several years.

From there I have taken any and all sugar art classes that have come my way.  I regularly attend the International Cake Exploration Societe`s annual convention to watch and give demonstrations and try to take in cake shows and Days of Sharing in my area.

Mostly I like to spend my time having was more than the legal limit of fun in class and hanging out with The Scott and our dogs.