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This is the page on the site which will change with startling irregularity.  For absolutely no reason at all except that I have something to say, or it is Wednesday, or possibly because I am wearing socks.  I may put inspiration pictures up here.  I may waffle on about my dogs.  I may have some wonderful (to me, at least) epiphany about cake decorating or art.  This is where I will put it.

 Hi All,

This is the first installment of the page which will change with startling irregularity.  If you have visited my website before, you will see that it has been totally revamped to reflect the changing needs of how I do what I do. 

This page will function kind of like a blog for the time being, while I get my life back under control and can build up to posting things on a more regular basis.

It has been a year of huge changes around Casa de Crazy and thus far it is only March.  In January, Scott began having cardiac issues and everything came to a screeching halt while we figured out what was happening and got him stethed with some fine first class scoping.  The result was that he had an angioplasty and is on the mend.  When you read about the aftermath of angiplasty on the internet, it gives you the impression that after about a week, you can get on with your life like you never had a problem.  We have found that this in not quite the case.

First off, the symptoms that he had on 7 January which sent us to the emergency room were chest pain, burning and bloating along with feeling weak and shakey.  Well, guess what, those same symptoms can be present in normal life and be indicative of something completely innocuous.  Now we are spending time, lots and lots of time, finding out what normal symptoms of normal day to day issues feel like in a body that has just been turned every which way but loose.

Secondly, we have been on four different eating protocols (diets) in about as many weeks.  First it was a low sodium diet.  Then it was Mediterranean.  Then it was no salt, no fat, no carbs and now it is Paleo.  I gotta tell you, I only have just so much change-ability built into my peaked little system and this has taxed it to the limit.  I do have to say that we are finding our level, keeping our food logs and doing pretty doggoned well at it if I do say so myself, which I do.  Scott has lost about 35 pounds since this all started.  He is being a very good chap about eating like he is supposed to and he is taking his meds like clockwork.  Go, Scott!  On the interesting side of the eating game, I am getting the delightful job of teaching a man about dieting.  Most women are experts on dieting.  We know calorie counts in food, that sodium occurs  naturally and carrots are mostly carbs.  My poor husband was completely incensed to find these things out.  He now understands about water weight and that standing perched on the scale, looking down and howling "you are a filthy liar" will not change the reading one little bit. Another thing that comes with this is the technological side of record is digital now.  The Scott is not.  Food log apps and the Ipad have caused quite a stir at the Lance Manse.  Many conversations begin with the words "stop poking that icon" and "leave off swearing at the device - it does not care and it cannot hear you".  Probably the best part of the food log is adding a new food.  We have reached the stage in life when we both need reading glasses and depending on the day, the time of day and how stressful that day has been, sometimes we need very strong glasses, indeed.  Ingredients are printed in what I call "nano fonts", Scott is not a typist and he is not familiar with scientific ingredients.  All of this adds up to the Keystone Kops trying to read an English version of a Japanese book translated by a Tibetan yak herder who was educated in Greece.

Scott has become an obsessive label reader.  Can I have that food?  Can I have any food? The answer is probably "no".  I feel like I am in a traffic jam every time we go to the store...I just get started walking and, eeerrrt, I have to stop because "we" are reading a label.  I have had to remind The Scott sharply that he does not even like tinned sardines, so there is no "need to know" about what is on the label.  It matters not; we stop.  Add to this that we are both suffering from advancing years and the erosion of memory and you can see that we have visited the sardines more than once.  We will probably do so again.  I may begin naming them and enquiring out their families soon.

The third great new thing to which we have been introduced is the reduced ability to perform normal tasks, ie. we get tired faster than we used to.  I know that this comes with age, and well, the days to parade on, but this is a new facet to that issue.  Scott was completely inactive for almost a month and in that time he lost some muscle and stamina.  It is returning, but they say that for every day you spend in hospital (ie laying around doing nothing) it takes at least 3 days to recover.  We will be recovering for a bit yet.  He is however just tired now and not exhausted all the time so that is a step in the right direction.  Both of us are learning when to say "enough" and go rest.  

So dear friends, this is where I find myself at the moment.  With all this being said, I am picking up the pieces and getting my life back one little bit at a time.  I am currently working on a new project and I will be posting some inspiration photos here and bits of design info.  I can`t show the whole thing or the complete process at the moment because it is for a magazine which will come out in August, but after that I will post some

additional stuff.

I am definitely looking forward to this project and getting back to doing what I love!

Sweet Thoughts,


At the moment I am all about texture. I love the lush richness of the moss against the rough craggy bark.

Odd angles? I love `em!

You can never have too many rocks. I could be wrong on this, but I really think not.