Artful Decadence

In the time that I have been decorating cakes, I have learned that just about any art technique there is will translate into your sugar work.  Painting is no exception.  You can make some very cool effects using watercolor techniques, acrylic techniques, oil painting techniques...transparency, opacity, stained glass, texture.  Truly there aren`t enough classes for all the things you can do.  Here are a couple to get you on your way.  I hope to add some other painting classes soon, so check back and see what I come up with.

Mountain Majesty

This is a 2 hour class

Class Cost $50.00

Maximum 15 students

This is a good class for those new to painting on cakes.  It is an outdoor scene so you have a lot of leeway in your composition and shapes.

All supplies will be provided.

Painted Mermaid

This is a 4 hour class

Class Cost $80.00

Maximum 15 students

If you have a little bit of experience in cake painting, this class is for you.  You will learn how to blend and layer colors as well as shade and highlight, adding the details that bring a painting to life.

All supplies will be provided.